You will be receiving mail from the TPOAM main office very soon. However, it is very important that we get moving in respect to your contract issues as soon as possible, as you are no longer under the AFSCME structure. It is critical that you have someone to reach out to in the facility with any problems that you may have and until such time that we can hold a membership meeting to conduct a formal vote. Of course, I can also be reached by calling the number below.

There will be a general membership meeting on Wednesday, December 6th from 1:30pm-3:00pm at the Skyway Dining Hall. At that time, I will take nominations for President

Once that position is filled, your President will take nominations to fill the existing board positions which will consist of:

  • Vice President
  • Secretary Treasurer
  • 3 General Board Members

Some members of the elected board will serve as bargaining team members. In the meantime, Tom Princing will serve as President and Joe Vrancic will serve as Vice President. Along with myself, TPOAM Business Agent Dave Schneiderhan will also be available and can be reached at the main office line as well.

In the future there will be more advance notice of general membership meetings, however given the current circumstances time is an issue.

Thank you,

Emil S. Kezerle, Jr.
Technical, Professional and Office Workers Association of Michigan
27056 Joy Road
Redford, MI 48239-1949

Office: 313-937-9000 ext 5115
Fax: 313-937-9165


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