To All Members of the Iron County Medical Care Association:

First of all, the TPOAM hope that you and your family had a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and hope. I also want to thank the vast majority of you who have already signed dues authorization forms and officially joined the union. Although we had initiated a December 29, 2017 deadline for completing those forms and hopefully qualifying for the 20% discount, your president and vice president have informed us that they are only a handful of employees short of reaching that goal and have asked us to waive the dues for January in the hope that they might even get close to 100% participation.

TPOAM is glad to honor that request. Even though it is an important safeguard, we know that the $500 re-entry penalty into the union at a later date will discourage the few leftovers from ever joining. The extra few weeks will allow everyone the opportunity to ask questions, get reassurances, and pay their fair share to be part of a dynamic team. TPOAM wants to give your local association every opportunity to meet its internal goals.

On another note, bargaining sessions have been scheduled and TPOAM’s business agents Emil Kezerle and Dave Schneiderhan will be meeting with the Executive Board in preparation of such, as well as reviewing grievances and also looking to schedule training in the very near future. The Constitution and By-Laws for the Iron County Medical Care Association have been approved and posted on our website, There is a special page dedicated to the Iron County Medical Care Facility Employees Association. Please feel free to log on and get caught up on any local topic.

If you are one of the few people that have not signed a dues authorization form yet, or have and know of someone who hasn’t, please encourage them to do so in the next couple of weeks. Your local Executive Board has already been hard at work and deserve the benefit of everyone’s participation. It sends a loud message to the employer and also allows the TPOAM to help fund or sponsor any special events or activities at the local level. Thank you for your membership!


Ed Jacques
Director of Member Services

Download the official document here

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