Jeffrey Phelps/Associated Press
Jeffrey Phelps/Associated Press

It’s being called The Destruction of Progressive Wisconsin and for good reason. Thanks to former Presidential hopeful and current Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s employment and political landscape is changing rapidly. In the past month he has:

  • Signed a bill allowing corporations to donate directly to political parties
  • Signed a law replacing Wisconsin’s nonpartisan Government Accountability Board &
  • Supported a bill threatening to corrupt Wisconsin’s Civil Service

Governor Walker also signed a “right-to-work” law last year that weakened private-sector unions. Wisconsin is now one step closer to universal “at-will-employment” which means that employees can be terminated at any time, for any reason.

Wisconsin became the third state to enact Civil Service reform in 1905, which made it a national model for “clean government.” The new Civil Service bill “replaces anonymous exams with resumes, opening the door to political or racial bias.”

Read more about the destruction of progressive Wisconsin in the original New York Times article.

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