The Technical, Professional and Officeworkers Association of Michigan (TPOAM) is a full service labor organization formed to service the needs of public employees. The TPOAM provides all labor related services, from negotiations, grievance processing, arbitration to legal representation. During negotiations or employer meetings, TPOAM encourages local representatives to be present and participate. The local units right to provide input is of paramount concern to TPOAM and that knowledge can only enhance the process.

To assist in this endeavor, we train appointed representatives on the entire negotiation, mediation and arbitration process. This is accomplished by attending TPOAM sponsored seminars, as well as sitting side-by-side with TPOAM business agents at the bargaining table.

TPOAM employs full-time attorneys at our headquarters in Redford that can answer any legal questions on the spot. While other labor organizations have committees to analyze the cost vs. the benefit on a particular grievance, our lawyers, as full-time employees, are available to service every reasonable request from our membership.

Staffed by two experienced professionals, the TPOAMs research team responds each week to a variety of requests for information. Business agents working with local bargaining committees need to know what wages and benefits are available to other departments in the area. When pensions are being negotiated, actuarial costs for new benefits are decisive in gaining improvements. Health care issues, Social Security questions, work practice surveys and cost-of-living analysis are only a few of the areas addressed by John Barr and Kevin Loftis, Research Analysts.

Our members have access to our 24 hour on-call service.  This service handles calls from members when they are involved in any activity where they feel their rights should be protected by a union representative. This protection is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service is provided for all members at no extra cost.

There are no special assessments, initiation fees or additional charges for any service; TPOAM members pay monthly dues and not a penny more.

Legislation concerning public employees is closely monitored by TPOAM and our full time staff of legislative lobbyists in Lansing and Washington, D.C. TPOAM keeps a watchful eye on all issues concerning our membership.

Members of TPOAM are proud to be affiliated with the Police Officers Association of Michigan, which services over 300 law enforcement bargaining units throughout the State of Michigan, with membership exceeding 12,000. TPOAM members receive the exact same level of service and expertise as their police counterparts from our necessary staff of business agents, lawyers and research support personnel.

TPOAM is the fastest growing, most prestigious and influential public employee union in the state, and we invite all public employees to consider joining TPOAM. New membership in TPOAM is welcome and we are positive that our organization can fulfill any labor need to the utmost satisfaction of any group.

Please call our Director of Member Services, Ed Jacques, at (313) 937-9000 and he will be glad to provide you with any additional information. Alternatively, visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form online.