Kent County Fact Finding Hearings

All TPOAM members in good standing,

At the Fact Finding hearings on March 11th and 13th, testimony and continued negotiations resulted in the parties coming to a mutually agreed tentative agreement, which the Fact Finder recommended. The Fact-Finding process produced significant gains for the unit beyond what the group voted down in November 2023. Gains were made for those hired after 07/01/2016 members Vacation/PTO, and for others, classification pay grade increases for Youth Specialists, Surveillance, Judicial Clerks, and Circuit Court Clerks assigned to magistrates-now reclassified as Judicial Clerks (based on parity work conditions) were attained.

EVERYONE should know that your TPOAM research team and Business Agent presented a complete array of testimony and exhibits at the hearing and that the Fact-Finding hearing is now final and closed. Both Business Agent Gregg Allgeier and your elected local leadership/negotiation team led by President Kevin Clemens fully support this mutually agreed tentative agreement, which was RECOMMENDED by the Fact Finder in its entirety.

With the hearing being closed, TPOAM’s business model is to bring this agreement to the group for a membership vote. It is important to remember that should the group vote this tentative agreement down, the Employer will indicate that retroactive pay will no longer be granted. After 60 days, they can implement their Last Best Offer, which is far less than what is in this tentative agreement.

Please see your local TPOAM representative at your respective building for a copy of the tentative agreement and a voting ballot. Your local representative should be able to answer any questions but should you need to contact me, please call my office number. Thank you all for your business and loyalty.


Gregg Allgeier

TPOAM – Office: 313-937-5111

Letter to membership Fact Finding tentative agreement
TPOAM Kent County Fact Finding Recommended tentative agreement

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