Here’s the list of Kent County Court’s Union executive board members.

President: Kevin Clemens, Circuit Court Ste. 3500 – Ext. 5191
Vice President/Secretary: Kory Drake, Surveillance – Ext. 5855
Trustee/Treasurer: Michael Woods, Cedar St. Rm. 111 – Ext. 5828
Trustee: Thomas Traxler, Cedar St. Surveillance – Ext. 5852


Circuit Court & Probate Courts

Trecia Gordon, Ste. 3500 – Ext. 5316

Friend of the Court

Ron Pawloski, Ste. 200 – Ext. 6736
Alternative Contact: Liz Dobbins, Enforcement Clerk – Ext. 6888, elizabeth.dobbins@kentcountymi.gov

Cedar Street

Kory Drake, Surveillance – Ext. 5855
Alternative Contact: Mike Woods, Rm. 111 – Ext. 5828

Juvenile Detention

Jesse Stryker (1st Shift) – Ext. 5745
Iven Thomas (1st Shift) – Ext. 5745
Cydney Cummings (3rd Shift) – Ext. 5745
Alternative Contact: Derek Leshah

63rd District Court

Tara Decker (Bookkeeper) – Ext. 7790
Alternative Contact: Maria Botello-Gonzalez, Adult Probation Officer – (616) 363-6808, Maria.Botello-Gonzalez@kentcountymi.gov

Updated: 04/21/2023

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One response to “Kent County Court’s Union Contact Information

Posted by Trecia Gordon

The information for Trecia Chester is incorrect. It should be Trecia Gordon x 5316

Posted on March 25, 2022 at 8:10 pm

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