Our members have access to LIFELINE, a 24-hour professional counseling service for Public Employees and their families. LIFELINE also handles calls from members when they are involved in any activity where they feel their rights should be protected by a union representative or TPOAM attorney. This protection is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service is provided for all members at no extra cost and all counseling issues are 100 percent confidential.

The LIFELINE phone number is (313) 937-5105

Civil/Criminal Protection Plan

TPOAM has the most comprehensive criminal/civil protection plan available. This optional and innovative program will provide you with an experienced full time TPOAM attorney and cover all of the attorney expenses arising from any criminal charge, whether on duty or off, work related or not. In addition, if you are sued civilly, as a result of actions taken in the performance of your duties, TPOAM will provide “of counsel” legal assistance to make sure your employer represents and defends you properly.

No other union offers such a comprehensive plan and the controlling details are available upon request. Go to our TPOAM Legal Information to review frequently asked questions and answers about the program.


Since its inception, the TPOAM has been committed to providing professional, in-house research services. Its research department has demonstrated that accurate data for negotiations often wins significant contracts. Even when contracts must go to mediation or fact finding, careful analysis and compelling evidence are major factors contributing to settlements.

Staffed by two experienced professionals, the TPOAM’s research team responds each week to a variety of requests for information. Business agents working with local bargaining committees need to know what wages and benefits are available to other departments in the area.

When pensions are being negotiated, actuarial costs for new benefits are decisive in gaining improvements. Health care issues, Social Security questions, work-practice surveys, and cost-of-living analyses are only a few of the areas addressed by John Barr and Kevin Loftis, Research Analyst.

Mr. Barr took advantage of a great opportunity to put his computer talents to work after retiring from the Detroit Police Department after 35 years as a police officer, the last 18 years as a full-time executive board member. Barr now handles all POAM computer analysis of wages, benefits and work practices for the organization. John combines the best of real-world experience and economics theory to assist the organization and its local bargaining units. Mr. Barr was sought out by many private sector employers after his retirement from DPOA, but thankfully John chose to bring his expertise to POAM.

Kevin Loftis is well known to members through his positions as POAM Executive Board member and Business Agent, as well as, a 25 year veteran of the Oak Park Public Safety Department, where he served as its local union president. Kevin has the practical wisdom to assist any local association in comprehensive preparation for negotiations, mediations or compulsory arbitration. Loftis has personally participated in every facet of the police labor industry and his extensive credentials qualify him as an expert witness.