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Updates Since Last Newsletter

June 2018

  • Continued with negotiations for the upcoming contract.
  • A nursing schedule survey was put out for CNA’s to fill out about their current schedules.
  • Lost an Executive board member – Bill Manderfield.
  • Nominations for a new member. Lynn Taavola was the only one nominated.
  • Lynn Taavola joined the executive board as an alternate member at large. Michele Maatta went from alternate member at large to member at large.

July 2018

  • Continued with negotiations.
  • Discuss Nursing Schedule Survey with Kim about changing current schedules to receive better schedules. Kim said she will address in the fall after the contract is finalized.
  • Received 3 new union members.

August 2018

  • Continued with negotiations.
  • Second quarter perfect attendance came out. 55 people received bonus annuals:
    • Part-time -12
    • Full-time – 43

September 2018

  • Went into mediation for the upcoming contract.
  • Voted on the contract tentative agreement it was not passed.
  • Upcoming contract expires at the end of the month. Will keep honoring current contract until new is ratified.
  • Received 2 new union members.

October 2018

  • Voted on the revised tentative agreement. Did not pass.
  • Meeting with Kim Salmi administrator and union members to ask questions about the tentative agreement. Voted after the meeting on the revised tentative agreement. It passed.
  • Received 3 new union members.

November 2018

  • Taking tentative to the DHS board for approval then we will ratify and put in effect.
  • The contract took effect on November 18th after ratification. New time changes and mandates started.
  • Third quarter perfect attendance came out. 54 people received bonus annuals.
    • Part-time: 14
    • Full-time: 40
  • Received 10 new union members.

December 2018

  • Received one new union member.
  • No monthly meetings took place due to holidays.

January 2019

  • Welcome to the New Year.
  • January 15th – the facility initiated a new computer program (PCC(Point clink Care)) for charting, payroll, and HR.
  • Tardy forgiveness LOU was extended to April 30, 2019.
  • Received 5 new union members.
  • 4th quarter Perfect attendance came out. 58 people received bonus annuals:
    • Part-time: 14
    • Full-time: 44
  • CNA issue with scheduling below staffing level during the holiday schedules was brought to us. We address the issue at a special conference. Heather isn’t supposed to schedule below the minimal staffing level when the schedules are posted. But be aware that rearrangement can take place that would cover the floor if they are scheduled less CNA’s. It just not shown on the schedule when it is posted.
  • Nursing schedules survey and full time 80 hrs dropping to 72 hours for CNA’s. Will be addressed in the upcoming months. Kim was waiting on the changes to the scheduling software to take place before changing current schedules.
    • If you interested and you have not been approached by Executive board member about dropping your 80 hours full-time status to 72 hours full-time status. Please submit in writing to an Executive board member.
  • Open enrollment took place January 21st to the 31st for staff members who opted out of the union.
  • Change in Executive board:
    • Michele Maatta is the secretary/treasurer. Michael Brown is a member at large. Lynn Taavola is a member at large.
    • Eric Marcotte stepped down from the board leaving one open position for an Alternate member at large.
    • Took Nominations for Alternate member at large until our February Monthly executive board meeting.
For Additional Information

For upcoming meetings for Executive Board, General Membership, and Labor Management, please view the attached PDF below.


One response to “February 2019 Newsletter

Posted by Michele Maatta

Will the most recent contract for HCMCF be put on line. I like to be able to quickly reference the contract on line when representing union members, or discussing grievable issues. Perhaps I have missed it, but I haven’t seen the new one on line yet.

Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter. The newest contract is valid through 9/30/20.


Posted on March 13, 2019 at 10:11 am

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