ATTENTION: TPOAM Members of Kent County Court’s Union

The TPOAM has reached a tentative agreement (T/A) with the Employer.  The tentative agreement is now posted on the TPOAM website.  There will be an informational meeting at:

WHERE: Sundance Grill located at 151 Ottawa Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 7th at 5 pm.

VOTING PERIOD: November 7th at 5 pm through November 13th at 3 pm

At the meeting, I will be present to go over the tentative agreement in detail and to answer any questions you may have. Your local leadership will be present to explain the voting process.

For those who may be unable to attend the meeting tomorrow, please contact your local leadership to obtain your voting ballot. For easy access voting, secured ballot boxes will be placed at your workplace location(s) during the voting period.

As a reminder, you must be a member in good standing in order to attend the informational meeting and receive a voting ballot.

For your review and consideration, the tentative agreement includes all the amended changes to the current collective bargaining agreement which shall carry forward in its entirety.

Should you have any questions regarding the tentative agreement or the voting process please contact your local leadership or feel free to call me at 313-937-9000.

For your information,

Gregg Allgeier
Business Agent – TPOAM


President: Kevin Clemens, Circuit Court Ste. 3500
Vice President: Janet Chavez, Circuit Court Ste. 3500
Interim Secretary: Janet Chavez, Circuit Court Ste. 3500
Interim Treasurer: Michael Woods, Cedar St. Rm. 111
Trustee: Michael Woods, Cedar St. Rm. 111
Trustee: Thomas Traxler, Cedar St. Surveillance


Circuit Court & Probate Courts

Trecia Chester, Ste. 3500, 5316
Gerard Akkerhuis (Alt.), Ste. 3100, 5044

Friend of the Court

Ron Pawloski (Alt.), Ste. 200, 6736

Cedar Street

Kory Drake, Surveillance, 5852
Mike Woods (Alt.), Rm. 111, 5828

Juvenile Detention

Derek Leshah
Jesse Stryker
Robert Hann (Alt.)

63rd District Court

Tara Decker (Criminal Counter) 7783


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